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Hey again are there any plans to continue theis game or is it a cancelled project now

Yeah, sadly it's suspended right now. We'll inform you if we'll have any news regarding this game.

Hey guys any updates on development of this game

We are short on time right now, but we made another short logic game for the recent game jam. You might like it.


For those who can't beat Level 1 of our game, we made a tutorial.

How to beat Level 1 of Poison To Cure


Who can beat our game? Leave us some feedback!


Just beat your game was very enjoyable however i would love more content cause three levels just wasnt quite satisfying enough, and if you do continue i highly suggest adding more slots to the crafting system, 4 ingredient potions opens up many new puzzles


Thanks and congratulations! Glad you enjoyed it. We were just wondering if someone can beat this before developing it further.


Absolutely I found it very enjoyable and a nice puzzle

So I’m really hoping you choose to develop further also the atmosphere of the game is spot on